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Huge swings for Isildur1 on Full Tilt Poker

  Nov 25

Isildur1 had an all time high of $5.46 million on Full Tilt Poker and the Swedish poker player has won huge sums from poker stars like Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Tom Durrrr Dwan. But lately Isildur1 has lost many enormous pots and after taking on both Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius at the same time last weekend he ended up losing almost all of his poker winnings from the previous weeks on Full Tilt Poker. He had "only" $750K left after Ivey's and Antonius's slaughter. Isildur1 lost $2.1 M to Antonius at PLO and $1.2 M to Ivey at PLO and NLHE.

$1.357 million pot!

Several of these pots were the biggest on online poker history and one of them was the first ever million dollar pot. Antonius won a $1.357 million pot with a straight on the flop against Isildur1.

Isildur1 had 6d 9s 7d 8h
Antonius had Ah 3s Ks Kh

The flop came, 4s 5c 2h and was good for Isildur1 as he has many outs to give him the nut straight and also there is only low unsuited cards. Antonius bet $91K, Isildur1 raise to $435K, Antonius reraise and Isildur1 went all in. But Antonius flopped the straight which was very hard for Isildur1 to read.

Antonius was the favorite to win the pot when they want all-in but he didn’t have that big lead so this was more or less a coin flip. But none the less this was the biggest pot ever won in online poker and this wasn’t even the end of the slaughter.

Phil Ivey won an $833K pot with a flush against Isildur1

Isildur1 4-bet pre-flop with a good hand and position and Ivey didn’t mind playing his 2 suited hand. The flop gave Isildur1 the set but also a gut shot straight draw for Ivey. Ivey checked, Isildur1 bet, Ivey raised and with the set which was the nuts Isildur1 moved all-in. Isildur1 was the favorite to win the pot after the flop. After the turn he improved his odds to win this huge pot but that didn´t matter when Kc came on the river and gave Ivey flush.

One day after this slaughter, Isildur1 won his biggest pot yet which was a $ million + pot. After losing most of his bankroll Isildur1 really needed to win some big pots and so he did against Phil Ivey. Isildur1 flopped a full house but Ivey didn´t show his hand so we don´t know what he had but this session and this pot in particular was really important for Isildur1 to win.

Yesterday Patrik Antonius and Isildur1 was playing Pot Limit Omaha and Isildur1 was the one who walked away with almost $700K after almost 13 hours and over 5000 hands on Full Tilt Poker. Some of the pots in this session between them was over $500K so Isildur1 total winnings from this session was not that huge. Isildur1 peaked at over $1.7 million and his second biggest peak during this session was over $1.5 million. Antonius peak was not even $500K so one could say that Isildur1 dominated this session.

The question still remains, who is Isildur1? But he is here to stay for sure.

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