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Three Card Poker

  Oct 15

Three Card Poker

Poker games have its origin from the gambling games. These games started to be played in the European countries initially and now have spread to every part of the world. Poker game offer number of varieties, and is one of the best attractions for professional gamblers. A poker Attractions has reached such a limit that is no more bound in the royal casinos and the country clubs abut to have spread its limit to the internet world with the developments of a number of online gaming websites. You can enjoy these games either at the ambience and cheers of the spectators at the casino tables or sitting at the quiet atmosphere at your home. Three card poker is one of the famous poker games, which are quite primitive yet quite attractive and making its way through the ages in the poker platform.

It is a Ricard poker game which is played mostly in the casinos and event at social gatherings. It actually consists of separate games namely the pair plus and ante-and-play. It can be well established that poker games have gained so much success due to fame of three card poker. It is played almost in all countries since the earlier days and has still maintained its glory.

History of Three card poker

Three card poker has its origin in Britain. An American version of the game is also quite famous, which is known as Brad. This game made its way to the gambling world almost three hundred years ago and is one of the oldest card games. Its primitive name was Primer which has undergone minute changes to evolve as the present day three card poker game. This game made its way gradually to all around the world and became an integral part of the casinos.

3 card poker has all the spices of the poker games with flush and straight sets. These games are played even at the roadsides and streets and have become popular among all class of people.

Three card poker basics

Three card poker is one of the finest and fastest games played in the poker world. It is quite easy for a beginner to learn this game and start his poker career. This game has total 52 cards in the deck, and I splayed with a deck of 52 cards. The player and the dealer are each distributed with three cards faced down. The objective of the game is to get the highest three card poker hand to win the pot. A vital rule that an amateur player must remember that during playing, the cards have different ranks and combination is also dependent on the card suits. In three card poker the straight gets precedence over the flush as it is more difficult to play with a straight.

A maximum number of 10 players can take part in the game. The game begins with the cards being dealt to all the individual players and the dealer. The dealer is bound to play the first round and can place his bet in a blind fashion or after seeing the cards. However, the bet value increases if you bet after seeing the cards. If the successive player is not satisfied with his hand combination and decides not to go into a challenge then he folds his hand and wait for the next roll. In three card poker game, it is often seen that player is folding his hand as there are minute chances to receive a pair.

The pot is carried over to the remaining player if everyone folds their hands. It a person plays without folding and all other players quit then the single player has the advantage of grabbing the pot irrespective of his hand. There are many popular versions of the game which are played worldwide with slight changes in the gaming rules. Monte Carlo 3 card poker is one of the most famous versions on the world platform. There is also an Indian version of the game known as Teen Patti.

Card rankings

In three card poker the game rules are not so complicated to remember, but it is really difficult to handle with the card order. You need to maintain the proper card order and play accordingly to win the game and win big pots. The card's combinations have precedence one over the other and the best combination wins at the end of the all the rounds or when all the other players pack. The best hand combination in three card poker is no doubt the straight flush. It is the combination of cards in sequence from the same suit. For example, if you have Ace, King and Queen of hearts. This combination is no doubt the most difficult to achieve, but if you poss this hand you are sure to win the pot whatever your opponent plays.

If there is a combination with three same cards from different suit. Perhaps you have 5 from clubs, hearts and diamonds. This makes the combination. Straight is another card combination in which you may have the consecutive cards but from different suits. For example, if you have 2 of hearts, 3 of clubs and 4 of spades. Then come the order of flush in which three cards have to be from the same suit but not maintaining any order.

After flush, comes the precedence of a pair in which two of three cards must be of the same value. For example, if you have ten of the hearts and ten clubs from the clubs irrespective of the suits. The final card combination comes with the higher card in which the single card value is considered and the combination with the highest value wins the hand.

It is one of the most important factors to remember every single angle of the order of the cards because it decides the winning hand. Every player in this game has to keep in mind the order of the combination and place his bets accordingly.

Three card poker strategies

There are a number of things, which need to be remembered during playing at a three card poker table. It also becomes sometimes difficult for the player to concentrate because of the variations and style of the game. However, you have to remember the things as well as apply proper strategies to win a game. Three card poker is one of the simplest varieties of the game and is played both in the online version and the real casinos. It is so fast that the player has very less time to decide upon the game style and has to be very efficient to pick up the right plan at the right moment.

You can win a three card poker if you get a better hand than the dealer or the second way is to get at least a pair. This version of the game is the perfect platform for amateurs and beginners. It is easy to learn, and you can develop your intelligence of poker strategies while playing this game. It is the fact that many international poker players play this game as warm up games to cultivate their skills so that they can play better.

In three card poker the win is dependent on how you place the cards, and you need supporting cards to beg in a big pot. You should have a proper sense when to bet, when to raise the bet amount and when to fold. If you are confident enough of your hand then you can even go for a slide show which will compel the players to show their hand and the pot winner is decided.

To play successfully, you have to get habituated to the nature of the table. This is an important criterion, and before you are well equipped you should not go for the big bets and not also take chances with your hand. It is better to fold rather than losing the rounds.

Before taking risk on a bet, if you are not sure enough you should be mentally prepared to invest your bankroll. When you sit down to play you should set in your mind the amount you are willing to lose and play within limits. It is a game of fun, and you should hold your patience to play the game successfully. It is also advised to jus leave off a few hands after you are playing for a longer time. This will give you time to analyze the situation better and provide you the opportunity to take better chances. However, whatever is the result you should have the ability to face the reality and not to be panic because it may affect your concentration and hamper your game.

It is also better to start with small bets so that small wins energize you to play more boldly and take chances of more wins. You should also opt for the casinos which offer special discounts to the new players. This will save your initial investment in the game. You should maintain a time limit while playing at the casinos. If you are not a regular player it is advised to leave the game after an interval of time. This will avoid you from getting over stressed who may affect your pot wins and game styles.

Three card poker bluffing

Poker strategies are closely related to bluffing, which makes the game more interesting and more demanding. Bluffing in three card poker is quite easy related to the other games. You can bluff a player by making larger bets and increasing the bet above limits from the initial stage of the game which will create among your opponents an illusion that your hand must be very commanding, and it may result that they pack without taking any chances. This strategy is well applicable when you have a weak hand and desperate to win a game. You can also raise a smaller bet against a good hand combination which will fool the other players who will be in an illusion that you have a weaker poker hand, and they may go on raising the bets with larger amounts to win the pot. This may result in a total bluff as your hand appears to be strong related to your opponent.

You should also be able to judge the nature of playing of the other players and create confusion by self delaying your chances of placing bets. This indirectly indicates to other players that you are not confident enough and then make a mistake in trying to dominate the game. You should always try to stay calm during a three card poke game to avoid other players to read your psychology and play a bluff with you. This will help you to take more precise decisions.

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