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Pineapple Poker

  Oct 1

Pineapple Poker

Pineapple poker is a new addition to the library of poker games and has gained a lot of popularity within a short time. Pineapple poker has also become an integral part of casinos and WSOP tournaments of poker.
Broadly classified, pineapple poker can be described as a community card game. These types of games are generally played with “shared cards” or “window cards”. Participating players are dealt with an incomplete hand which has to be driven to success with the consecutive card received in each round. The community cards are often referred to as the “board” and have to be arranged in a definite pattern. Pineapple poker belongs to this class of games and is similar to other games like Texas Hold’em. When played at the casinos pineapple poker has fixed pot limit depending on the decision of the dealer at the casino table. No limit games are generally uncommon in pineapple poker.

Pineapple poker can be abbreviated as the halfway between similar community card games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hold’em.

In pineapple poker each player have to discard their third card during the flop. The game is quite young in comparison to other community card games, but it has already made a place in the WSOP, famous casinos and of course online poker games.

Pineapple poker has come out to be an interesting poker game of community cards very recently and has gained popularity in many tournaments.

Pineapple poker rules

The main difference with other community card games is that pineapple poker, the first is in the number of hole cards at the start of the play and at the slowdown with the finest probable hand, where the players have several options to play. The game is initiated with the blind post and bigger blind is posted by other successive players. After the dealing of the five cards is completed the betting begins. After the end of the first round betting, three cards are dealt to the community by the dealer on the “flop”. The cards are dealt at the end of each round and the players try heir level best to make the best pineapple poker winning hand.

The second round of betting begins when each player discards one of their hole cards to continue betting. It is a very crucial decision of which very is to be left off. This nature of game demands experience and intelligence to make a plan how to complete the winning hand. The turn card is finally distributed to the community and the final round of betting is done. The final deciding card is often called the “river card” as it decides the flow of the game and the final winner.

The showdown takes place when the players have a number of choices to play. Before making a showdown, the player has to decide upon few factors. The player has to choose whether to keep both the community hole cards and three community hole card or to keep the combination in hand to complete it with the five community cards.

The game can be played with 2 to 8 players, but it is more interesting when played between more than 2 players. It depends upon the correct decision and planning on which card to hold back and when the card to free off. At any cost, you have to prepare the winning hand with a set of three and two community cards or straight with five community cards. Many experienced poker players intend to play pineapple poker games more than other poker varieties because it involves skill, patience and proper understanding of the game and depends very less on luck.

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