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Seven Card Stud Poker Rules and Strategies

  Sep 24

Seven Card Stud Poker

One of the most popular and fascinating game among all the games that are played in casinos are the poker game. You can easily learn the basics of these games and you can make huge amounts of money with a bit of skill and luck. The contemporary cyber world is so developed that this type of games can be played from the home itself. You can enjoy the game through internet. Seven card stud poker is one the most charming poker games among all. It can be roughly categorize as a family of stud poker game. In this game each players gets a mixture of face down and face up cards. The players make the deals during the various betting round with these cards. These games are sometimes called non positional game. As there is a high probability that the players betting first on each round can should with the rounds. But the rules, regulations and strategies of this game being easy to familiar with, you can easily win the game in the poker tournaments with a peep of aptitude.

Seven Card Stud Poker History

Though some says that poker game came from a Persian named As Ns yet there is no clue about the origin of seven card stud poker game. This game was introduced in the early 20th century. But some believe that it was a popular one from 1980's. This game is an advance version of 5 card stud poker. There is still confusion about how it came into existence.

Part of World Series of Poker

Introduction of this game in World Series of Poker made this game popular among the professional players. His game was introduced in the later 1970's. The amateur players got more attracted to this game when of the player in WSOP won huge amount of money. This gave other players the belief that they can too make money from the game and this increased its reputation.

Basic Theme of Seven Card Stud Poker

The game is started by one face up card and two faces down cards to each player. The players then bet and the round of betting goes on. After each card dealt then three rounds of dealings with the face u cards is executed. Then finally the final round of betting is executed with a face down card. When a player folds, then that hand should be shown. This makes the best hand to win the pot.

The bets are called depending on whether the card is three of a type, or a duo or cards of three suited or from any suit they are consecutive numeric cards. When you make the decision then the up cards of other players should also be considered. Thus, if you have best starting hands, that gives you much confidence while starting the game. You are in advantage in ending the game and have high chances to win it too.

Seven Card stud Poker Rules

As the game starts each player has one face up card and two face down cards with them. The player with the low rank up card pays the bring-in, if the game is played as bring-in. As bring in is open they the next player has no option to check but have to make the call. Bit in case two players having low cards of same rank suit ranks are used break the tie. Else if the game is not played in bring-in then the game starts with the player having the up card with highest rank. In this case, the player has the option to check. In this case, if there is a tie then the player sitting first in the clockwise direction from the dealer gets the chance first.

The deal starts from the left of the dealer, and then the players deal another up card. Then second betting round starts with the player having the best poker hand. Hence the player whose face up card is the best has the chance to bet to the boundary of the game. Then it is the turn of the third and the fourth up card betting round. After that finally it is the turn of a down card. During the fifth betting card show down can be done if it is necessary.  While showing down each player shows the best five cards among the seven that has been dealt.

But it is clear that seven cards for each player and four burn cards make the total to sixty. But there are fifty two cards in a pack. Sometimes many player folds during the early betting but if none folds then there arises a problem. Without limiting the numbers of players to seven you can deal a single community card. This card will serve as a replacement to the down cards in the final round.  This community serves as the seventh card for each player and is placed at the centre of the table. This can be the best solution.

In seven card stud poker game is executed as firstly two downs followed by four ups and then the only down. The one with the best poker hand among the players become the winner of the competition and becomes the owner of the pot.

Instance of a Game Situation

Joe, Paul, Cole, Bond are the four players who are competing for the pot at the seven card stud poker table. As the game starts each player bets $25. Firstly Joe deals with one up card and two down cards. Joe has 9C, Bond gets 4D, Cole has KD and Paul has 4S. They have decided to play with $1 earn so the one with lowest rank low card should start the game. As the  4D of Bond is lower than 4S of Paul its Bond's turn to start the game. Bond chooses to bet only $1. Thus Joe has to make the bet and hence calls. This makes Paul to fold and does this by turning down the up cards and hence abandons his card. Then Cole makes the bet for $3 making Bond to fold now. Then Joe continues with the call.

The competition is now on between Cole and Joe. Joe now gets KH as the second face up cad. But Cole gets a JC. Thus none of them has got poker hand of pair as Joe sits with K-9 and Cole sits with K-J. K-J of Cole being higher than Joes's K-9 Cole gets the chance to bet now. After the betting both of them checks and that ends the round. When its time to deal another face up card Cole gets 10H and Joe gets KC. This makes Joe to make a pair of kings. As Cole has no pair so Joe is in advantage and gets the chance to make the bet first. Cole calls when the bet of $5 is made by Joe.

In the next round Joe receives 3C and Cole gets 10D. Thus up cards of Joe and Cole is K-J-10-10 and 9-K-K-3 respectively. Though Cole has a pair of tens yet the pair of kings f Joe is still higher. So Joe again gets the chance to bet. In the next round both of them gets a down card but still it is the chance of Joe to bet as down card does not change the hands. Joe bets $5 followed by a call made by Cole. Thus the last betting round ends and now it’s the time to show the cards.

Joe makes the show of all the seven cards. The best five poker cards are K-K-9-9-5. In which there is one pair of king and another pair of nine. But when Cole makes the shown it shatters the dream of Joe. Cole's five best poker cards contain A-K-Q-J-10. In which there is one ace thus making an ace high straightly. Thus having the ace in his hand Carol wins the game and also wins the pot.

Playing Seven Card Stud Poker

All the tables on which this game is played require an ante of all players before the deals are made. During the "Third Street" two faces down cards and three face u cards are dealt. During the "Fourth Street" Another card the doorcard or the face up card is dealt by the dealer and the player with the best hand starts betting. During the "Fifth Street" another face up card is dealt and the game is continued in the same way.

Another face up card is dealt followed by another round of betting on the "Sixth Street". Lastly on the "Seventh Street" the last card is dealt and it’s a face down card. Each player deals a hole card and the last round of betting is done. If there is shortage of cards then all the players share only one card. After this if there is more than one player then show is done. The one with best five poker cards wins the game and owns the pot.

Seven Card Stud Poker Strategies

Though the rules and regulations are quite easy to grab but making decisions is the challenge you may find when you are at the table. You should have a close view how the opponents play. One of the best strategy to bluff the opponent is to pretend t have a good hand though you have not.

You should make the bets depending on the card and the money Suppose you have high pair of hole cards then it is best to play fast. Playing aggressively will make many players out of the game in very short time. But if you have cards with low ran in your hand then its recommended o play slowly as that won't make you out of the game and will provide you with more time. After some time when you have high ranked cards then gear up and become aggressive. This strategy might place your competitors in dilemma that whether to play fast or to be slow in making the bets. 

Thus, players not only win when they have good hands but also playing with right strategies gives success.

Seven Card Stud Poker online

You can enjoy the game from homes too. Just by web browsing you can make deals and can make huge amount of money. Thus you can enjoy the thrill from your home and don’t have to travel to the casinos. The World Series of Poker tournaments are organized in the websites. You can also participate in that. The rules and regulations and the playing techniques are almost same except there can be some minor changes.

Making Money With Seven Card Stud Poker

Like all poker games are good resource of earning money. Many players have become professional and have amateur themselves in playing the game. Seven card stud poker being a type of poker game is also a good source to earn high amount of money. The only thing required is to know the terms and rules and then to play sincerely.

You should play the game for excitement and enjoyment you should be in your limits in terms of money. You should not over-run the situation and thus make a worse situation. This might make a real mess up. You might get ruined. Aggressive decisions should not be taken in order to prevent extra pressure on money. The game has very easy rules and regulations that you can be easily get acquainted with. Making money is not a huge challenge if you play safe and sincerely.

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