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  Sep 10


Poker games are trade mark gambling games and a supreme part of the casino games. Poker games are played all round the world and have millions of players, fan and also spectators who fancy watching this game and enjoying the excitement associated with it. Poker games have gained so much fame that there are players who have taken up poker as their hobby and profession. World tournaments of poker are organised every year and it involves huge turn over of money and prizes. Pokers tournaments are now also organised in the form of online games which attract more people round the game participate in this game and try out their skills. However, introduction of mixed poker games has been a new addition to the world of poker games.

Different from the traditional single strategy games, these combination games have the real spice and the best way to check the all round capability of a player. In these types of games a number of different poker games are punched together in a single slot and are played in different styles in the successive rounds. HORSE is one of the most popular formats of these types of assembly games in which five different games are played together in a single tournament between the same set of players. HORSE comprises of Hold’em, Omaha Eight, Razz, Stud and Stud eight. These special mixed games have gained more popularity in the poker world especially from the master professionals. According to them this game really enables to search the real potential of a player.

HORSE Poker history

The star gamblers were almost habituated and perturbed with playing the monotonous poker game and desired some variety. This thought resulted in a unique creation of the mixture of a number of games which were played simultaneously at a single table. Slowly, this format generated enough curiosity and thrill in the poker world to test who was the real titan of the game.

Initially these games were played in an experimental form in different casinos and online sites but with the increasing demand these mixed type of poker games made its first appearance in the world tournaments in the year 2004. The first title was own by Scott Fishman. Along with the real life tournaments satellite tournaments also started to be arranged from 2007. The WSOP organises HORSE tournament with prize money of over $50,000 and is presently the largest event on the poker platform. The craze for this game creates a great boom in the poker game history. In 2008, Scott Nguyen made a history by winning and amount of $1,989,120.

Today more and more online sites are arranging to introduce poker games in their online websites and attracting more players to play this ultimate poker blend game. It is very adventurous to approach mixed poker games which have so much of variation in a single game round and always create a new spice in the poker games.

HORSE Poker game rules

HORSE has been confirmed as the most difficult sector of poker games. The tournaments are really enthralling and always become very unpredictable regarding the results. It is very hard for a single player to master it every time as it is associated with a number of factors. It is hard to handle HORSE because you should have a clear conception of all the poker games associated to it. You have to be cautious about the implementation of strategies which differ with the games and have to be calm to maintain an equilibrium in your playing techniques. Since it is not a single game you need to keep a number of tricks and tips in mind to experience control over the HORSE poker. It is extremely difficult for amateur players and beginners to handle this game as they are not properly habituated with each and every angle of the poker games.

To play a complete set of HORSE poker you have to play minimum of five rounds each consisting of the different individual poker games. All these games are played with high and low card combination and the pot is equally divided between the winners. Playing this game will have typical playing as each round will initiate a new game of poker. You have to be flexible enough to withstand the variations and play your best. The HORSE games are generally not played with No Pot Limit and the total pot value is prefixed by the organising association.

The way the game has to be played efficiently depends a lot upon which part of table you are standing. You have to keep in notion whether the placement will be according to the dealer button or according to the clock. This will make you clear when the nest poker game will be initiated and from which position. If you choicely game starts from your position and you start the game with the right set of card then you just be sure to get some advantage. If the position is controlled by the dealer button, it is often referred as the HORSE poker rotation.

It is really an amazing experience to play five poker games in a row and the professional and master players are really fond of these games. These games are normally not available at all places, but if you are really interested you can opt for the places where these games are played in real or online.

HORSE Poker strategies

To get exciting wins ate the HORSE poker you need to understand each of the games exclusively and in details. You should be able to synchronize between your techniques and the game played in each round. Initially to get hold of every angle of the game you need to know the strategies followed in each game, the game rules and the betting techniques. During playing you have to keep in account the best winning hands and the priority of cards. This will help you to make correct predictions and play in a better way to win big pots. There are also many sit and go games available in the poker sites which allow you to understand the game better and learning the best strategies. Once you gain enough knowledge it will become relatively easier to play confident and confuse your competitors.

There are also bluffing strategies which play a vital part in poker games. If you can pretend to play weak and unsure then the opponents will remain in a fake dilemma over their playing techniques and you can just snatch away the winning hand. For example, showing a Jack after you call a bet on a river sometimes signals opponents that you are a fish and is a layman in the game plan. Later you can utilise this trick to hit open-ended straight draw or flush.

To know which hand to pre-flop and which hand to semi-bluff is an important decision in the HORSE poker tournaments. It is important not to express your state of card fro your playing process or facial expressions. If you are capable enough of disguising yourself you can easily misguide your opponents. Taking notes is also an important aspect of a HORSE game. This in short makes you clear the strength and weaknesses of other players which will help you in playing the game better. It is skilful to dent to your buy-in and losing a hand in a small pot and then making a showdown

Switching gears is an important aspect of HORSE games. You may be planning to draw a hand very aggressively during Hold’em whereas you may want to check call a player under same circumstances in case of stud. This will baffle the other players who are taking notes due to the changing style of the game.

An important part of playing HORSE is playing within limits. You should risk only a small portion of your bankroll as it may get exhausted at any moment you take a bigger risk. For amateurs, you should apply only a nominal amount in the game to understand the game initially and make some small wins to increase confidence and also the bank amount.

Common mistakes at the HORSE poker table

As the HORSE poker is a combination of multiple poker games it becomes extremely difficult for the beginners to play the game commandingly. Whether playing in a domestic tournament or at the mega events you should always play serious and concentrate on the game situations to avoid silly mistakes.

You should never confuse between the different games strategies played at the HORSE. You should maintain a symphony of the order of the games played and be cautious about each of the rules and techniques to approach the game in a competent way. You should also utilise your strengths in abetter way. Winning cards do not always come in hand and you need to take important decisions on when to play the right card. If you are playing Texas Hold’em and not so efficient at the Razz you should try concentrating on the game plans while playing Hold’em and fold your hand in case of any confusion with the gaming technique.

Often players get mixed up hands and their hands do not match the winning hand and the game they are playing. For instance you are playing Omaha and you have card favourable for Stud Eight. These situations are really pathetic and awful but you should mentally pressurise yourself so that virtually you forget which game you were playing. It often players that they get overwhelmed by the set of card which may had been appropriate for another poker game and make serious blunders while playing the cards. You should be very practical and take each game separately to make a stand in the platform of HORSE.

Many players often fail to hide their winning hand combination and some how disclose their strength to other players by either raising the pot above expectations or making too many positive moves. The situation lets to immediate pot win as the players immediately try to fold so that your winning hand do not take away enough winning amount. It is rather important to keep your opponent in fake ideas and utilise your hand to trap your competitors and grabbing a considerable win with a larger pot value. This is a technique of bluffing and comes in use in both cases whether you are playing to win or you are trying to dump your opponent.

Playing HORSE Poker Confident and Safe

HORSE isn’t a game for the weak heart and fearful persons as it is very challenging and requires a lot of command to win the games. As it is played mainly by the masters of poker world, these games have become more challenging and even tougher. However it is not extremely difficult for beginners to make a stand point in these games. You need to practise the different set of games playing at free sites and get properly informed about all the possible moves and game plans. You should also habituate yourself to play the games in order played at the HORSE which will help your to get accustomed to the changing game style at the end of each gaming round.

Poker games are always involved with betting as it is the largest place for winning easy money. This does not mean that you have to invest your every penny playing the games. These games can only be own after you have the right mood to play and play in the best fascinating approach. You should spend your initial hours understanding the game pattern and make smaller investment to make small wins. Later you can save your initial bankroll and play with your winning amount to make lager pots. This will not only help you to play safe and uniform but will also save you if you become a bad looser. It is better to lose your winning amount rather than investing the whole bankroll.

Playing confidently and calmly, you can easily train yourself into a successful HORSE poker player.

Good luck!

Team Rakeback Lovers

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