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Razz Poker rules and Razz strategy

  Aug 27

Razz Poker the Demanding Poker Game

Poker games are very popular among the various gambling games. With the advancement of technology and the modern cyber world these games are also available on internet. There are many interesting and challenging categories of the poker game. One of the most fascinating dimension of poker games is the Razz poker. It can be broadly classified as a Stud card poker game in which the cards are pact in a prearranged mishmash with face down and the game is played with betting at each round. Razz is so popular because it is the best game for amateurs and with a glimpse of intelligence can be won at the poker tournaments.

Razz Poker part of the World Series of Poker

The Razz poker event was included in the WSOP tournaments in 1973, when Sam Angel became the first winner of this game and bagged in prize money of $32,000. Its popularity is equally worldwide like other poker games like Texas Hold’em. Since its inclusion in the WSOP, the game has been the favourite for professional and amateur players.

Basic theme of Razz Poker

Razz Poker has become an integral part of HORSE tournaments. It is played with the combination of 2 to 8 players, and the target is to achieve the lowest set of cards at the end of the round to win the pot. However, unlike other poker games straights or flushes do not exist in the game rules. The rule is apparently reverse and any higher pair will count against you to fetch you nothing but a defeat.

To play significantly you need to kick the initial rise, in hope of dealing with a pocket pair. The lowest card happens to be an Ace and is counted as one, and if you have a pair in hand then you can plan to dominate with the pocket ACE. At the start of the game, a player has to deal with a hole, with two cards facing down. All the players should also have a card face up on the table. The player with the highest face up has to start the process of betting.

This is almost similar to playing blind as in other poker games like flash, as they are forced to bet whatever the come out happens to be. The holder with maximum face up has to start the betting in first round as he can not fold.

Razz Poker rules

Razz Poker is similar in technique with the seven card stud game with the only exception of lowest hand wins. The eight players participating in the game generally play with limit betting which has a boundary of the bet that a player can make in each round. The highest card face up is often referred as the “door card” as it initiates the betting progression. If the outcomes of the one card face up results in a clash between two players with the same rank then the bring-in is decided by the suit.

Spades is determined to have the highest possible suit which is followed by the hearts, diamond and the clubs. The K of spades is sure to bring trouble as it is the worst possible “door card” which guaranties the bring-in.  The game is continued in clock wise manner and after each round of betting the players receive another card with a face up. The game bet begins with the lowest card showings. The game continues till the fifth card after which the betting is incremented to double. The last of the set, the seventh card is played with the face down and usually the player, who is the sixth card opener, starts the process in the last round.

Instance of a game situation

There are fours players playing at a Razz poker table namely Ricky, Matt, Venice and Wallace. After the cards are distributed among the players, the consecutive upcards happen to be J, 3, A and 4. Ricky’s J is the highest card and so he has to start the bring-in. He may call with a bet of $1 while the others call on the initial bet. The next upcard roll leads to 9, 3, 4 and 2 as the successive cards. The best lower hand in this situation is Venice’s 4-A. So Venice has the advantage of making a bet.

Wallace makes a call over Venice’s bet while Rickey is left with no other option but to fold with the highest card. In this situation Matt can also take a chance with the call as his hand of the 3s pair is the highest hand showing. The next deal gives A, K and 8 to Matt, Venice and Wallace and no card for Ricky as he already folded.

This results in lowest hand for Wallace and she calls a bet for $2. While in turn Venice folds with the highest card combination. The next come out gives 6 for Matt and 8 for Wallace. Wallace revels his downcards to be 7, J and A making the lowest five card hand of 8, 7, 4, 2 and A. Venice keeps on board the lowest five card hand to be 7, 6, 4, 3 and A. So Venice wins the final pot.

Playing Razz poker

In this game the worst combination of five cards is considered to be K, Q, J and continues in descending order to A. The lowest five cards out of the seven are considered to win. The best set is no doubt to be A, 2, 3, 4, 5 and is called a bicycle or a wheel. This combination is very rare in the history of the game but confirms the winning hand. With no option for flushes a player wouldn’t get advantage with same colour of cards.

The game starts with usually three cards with two facedown and one face up. This faceup card decides the player to make the first bet. The first call has to be 1/5th of total pot in case of the professional games. When played at the casinos, the game is supervised by the dealer who deals the cards and controls the game. In case of online Razz poker games the cards are arbitrarily selected and the come out depends on the successive random rolls.

Razz poker strategies

Playing Razz seems to be easy with the simple game rules, but winning is always a challenge. Learning the game strategies is always important to master the game. The art of controlling the Razz game is achieved by proper understanding of the game situations and taking right decisions.

As there is no option for flush in Razz, the best combination is considered to be A, 2, 3, 4, 5 and is the historical winning hand. If closely observed the winning hand is generally 9 higher or better. So to take command over the game your hand must contains three cards below 9. The closer the cards are to the wheel the better is the advantage. This is the best strategy to follow the starting hand selection and establish your winning knock.

Bluffing is always and integral part of poker games. Razz poker also has the option of bluffing strategy and can bring close wins. If you are playing with the lower limits, the opponents will suffer from a fake dilemma and will play anything to dominate the game. The best time to play a bluff is when the face up cards are lower while the facedown card are considerably higher perhaps in J, Q or K. This is the perfect stage to rise big and take the pot down.

There is a tricky strategy in razz poker namely stealing blinds. It is similar to bluffing but a little more perfection is required. It helps when you are in a late position of play and can make a guess of the other player’s situation or when you are having a door card on the wheel which gives you an extra advantage. If the cards are in right combination and the opponents are folding it’s the perfect time to toss a raise out and steal the blinds.

The ability to read opponent player’s hand is often considered to be a skilful strategy. If you are good at this quality and make a prediction of the players hands on the basis of their playing and facial expressions then you are really a genius. You should watch keenly the time taken by a player in making a bet and his tendency to raise the pot value. If a player goes on the raising the pot value successively then he may be a bluffer. To point him out you can also call over him. The more you take the right decisions the better you are at predictions.

Experience no doubt counts for the maximum potentiality. If you are a regular player of Razz poker it will act as an instinct for taking the accurate decisions.  It will become a lot easier to handle the difficult situations and you will be a star player of the game.

Online Razz poker games

With the availability of Razz poker games on internet the game has become more popular and attractive. You do not need to travel to a casino or Razz table to play this game. The game is now easily available at your finger tips. You can enjoy the game at your convenient timings. There are many casinos and gaming organisations providing links to play this game online. Many of these sites also offer tips, manuals to play this game better.

Free login sites are also available for amateur players to know this game better. You can easily enter the world of razz poker and spend an exciting time to learn the game and playing your level best. The WSOP tournaments which are organised online are also played in the Razz websites. Many professional players attend the WSOP and it is a prestigious place to play this game and have a better understanding as well.

Making money with Razz Poker

Poker games are always a good source of making money. Many players are playing poker games professionally and made it the exclusive source of income. Playing and making money with Razz is much easier as it is considered to be the easiest form of poker games and can be played efficiently with a bit of practise.

It is vital to keep in mind that you should not ruin yourself while playing a game. It is advised to play Razz games within limits without taking extra pressure on your principle amount. You can play safe to win some initial amount and later bet only with the wins keeping aside the gross investment. This will let you enjoy the game and also make considerable money if you play with proper strategy and in the right mood.

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