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Rakeback, what is it really?

  Oct 9

For those of you who do not know what rakeback is and what it can do for you as a poker player, I can say that it is something no poker player should be without. Rakeback is something that can really boost your bankroll.


But first of all, to know what rakeback really is you should first know what rake is. Rake is a fee that all poker room takes from each poker pot. This is a way for them to earn money. Many poker players do not even know that a fee is taken from each pot, or just don’t notice that a little money goes to the dealer each time someone wins a pot. If you pay rake once, or ten times there are really not that much money. But think how many pots you are in on for only a few hours of gaming. Usually this rake is 5% of the pot but not more than $ 3. If you play online poker regularly, it is much money but even if you only play a couple of hours a week it adds up to a lot of money. For big players, it is often for sums over $ 10000 each month. But even for players not playing that much, it may be money that you certainly do not want to concede without further notice.


What can you do to get back a part of this rake, because you cannot avoid paying, everyone must pay rake that plays online poker. But you can as I said, get back quite a large portion of your money through rakeback.
It just works so you get back a certain% of the rake you have paid in the form of rakeback. It is easy to get rakeback, everyone can do it. All you need to do is to create a poker account by following the instructions found on any rakeback offer that you see on the right. Just click on the offer you want to have rakeback on and then just follow the instructions. It is really easy; it says exactly how to do to get rakeback at just the online poker site that you want rakeback on.


Once you've created an account at the poker room you want to have rakeback on and your rakeback account is approved, simply play online poker as usual. The only difference is that now you have rakeback and will get money every month, week or day, instead of losing them. Depending on the rakeback offer you choose, you will get different money back because not all rakeback offers look-alike.


A very important aspect regarding rakeback that we should not forget is that rakeback is paid to all online poker players and it doesn´t matter if you win or lose. if you play online poker with rakeback, you will always get paid.


But the important thing is that you know what rakeback is, and above all that you do not play online poker without rakeback.


Best regards



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