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Dice Holdem poker

  Jul 21

Dice Holdem

Dice Holdem is played just like online poker, Texas Hold'em. But as the name, dice Hold'em suggests this is a game where you play only with dice and not with cards as in other poker games. You can play dice Hold'em either as a cash game or play dice Holdem tournaments and this game is very much like regular Texas Hold'em but with the exciting twist of dice rolling instead of community cards coming up. As there are dice you play with, this game has a few other hands you can win with. E.G. you can get a 5 of a kind as you play with dice and not cards and this of course beats a 4 of a kind.

Just like in Texas Hold'em you have 2 private dice concealed by a cup or your hand, not visible to the other players at the table. But the dice in this poker game is not like normal dice with 1-6 dots or the numbers 1-6 on them. On these dice you will find the letters H O L D E M and with these letters you will form your hand. E.G. the best possible hand in Standard dice Hold'em is: HOLDEM (6 letters).

The following hands resemble the hands in Texas Hold'em to a high degree but as written above it is all in the letters H O L D E M where H is higher than L and O is higher than E and so on.

-  HOLDEM – The best hand.
- HHHHH – 5 of a kind with any letters.
- HHHH – 4 of a kind with any letters.
- HHHMM – Full House, trips are counted first and HHHMM would beat OOODD as H comes before O in the word HOLDEM.
- HOLDE or OLDEM – Straight.
- HHH – 3 of a kind.
- HHMM – 2 pairs.
- HH – one pair.

Before any die is rolled the two players after the dealer button of course have to pay the small and big blind. The player to the left of the dealer pays the small blind of half the basic bet and the player to the left of the small blind pays the big blind which is the size of the basic bet. The dealer button is moved clockwise just like in Texas Hold'em after every round.

You have 2 dice which you roll after the blinds are paid and just like in Texas Holdem your pockets are not shown to the other players. You use these 2 dice to form the best hand in conjunction with the community dice.

After the blinds have been paid and you have rolled your 2 pocket dice there is a round of betting before the flop roll dice just like in normal Texas Hold'em. There is also a round of betting efter the Flop die roll, after the Turn die roll and efter the River die roll. So the betting structure of this poker game is exactly the same as in Texas Hold'em poker.

There are quite a few poker sites offering poker dice Hold'em and the graphics are really good making the feeling of the game very nice. The lobby and the tables are basically the same for Dice Hold'em as for regular poker

If you are a bit bored with the normal Texas Hold'em poker and want to add a little twist to the game, this is exactly the game you should try out. It still has the most basic features from texas Hold'em and the structure of the game is very similar. But as you play with dice this makes the feeling of the game a bit different and it is really a great game.

Even though Texas Hold'em and Dice Hold'em are very similar to each other there are some big differences between the two games. So if you are a really experienced poker player, Dice Hold'emmight give you a surprise of two. For example, the number of different hand combinations is much lower. So the value of the hand is not the same as in Texas Hold'em.

- The pocket pairs in Dice poker have a much greater value than in regular poker. If you have pocket 5´s you have a much bigger chance of hitting trips or a full house than in texas.
-  A straight is harder to win with in Dice poker than in Texas Hold'em as consecutive cards have a bigger value than consecutive dice. There are too many dices out there making it very easy for other players to hit a Full house. But if you are playing heads up a straight is of course a bit stronger.

Dice Can´t Hold'em

The poker dice game explained above is what is called standard Dice Hold'em but there are some other types of this game and one of the is called Dice can´t Hold'em:

This dice poker game is quite different from Standard dice poker. Each of the 2 players roll 5 dice each and these pocket dice hands are hidden from the other player just like pocket cards in Texas Hold'em, but here you have 5 dice instead of 2 cards. After the players have rolled their dice, one of the poker players roll the last 5 dice and leaves them under a cup hidden from all the players. None of the players get to see these 5 dice which are called the community dice. Now there are basically 3 hands of dice, each of the player’s hands and the community dice lying hidden from the players under the cup.

After the community dice has been rolled each of the players reviews their hand of dice and has to make a bet, High, Low or a Split. If you think that your dice hand forms the highest poker hand you should make a high bet. If you believe that your dice poker hand is the hand with the lowest value you should make a small bet. But if you think that your dice poker hand is between the two other hands you should bet split.

After the betting round the players reveal their dice hands and also the community dice are shown to the players. If a player guessed wrong he will lose his money or whatever he bet. But in the case where both players’ guesses were correct, the audience will lose, if there is an audience thus making this more of a live social game rather than an online poker game. But still this is a nice way of adding a little twist to a Friday poker night with your friends. In the next round the player to the left of the 2 players in the previous round will play against the player who won. But if both players lost 2 new players will play the following round.

Dice Hold'em is easier than regular poker and gives the player more of a challenge than regular casino games does. Just like in Texas Hold'em poker, you play the odds that the dice give you and pretty much the rest of the game is like regular poker but dice poker is much quicker and has a feeling of casino game, making this a really nice game to try out.

Shoot the moons

Shoot the moons is a pretty simple dice game where the player with the highest total points win. You roll a total of 6 dice and there is also 3 rounds of betting making this a skill game just like Texas Hold'em where not just luck determines the winner.
First of there is the small blind and the big blind for the players after the dealer to pay. Then all players roll 2 dice each, hidden from the other players followed by a round of betting. After that there are 2 more rounds of rolling 2 dice followed by 2 rounds of betting.

There is a major difference in ranking the hands in this game, shooting the moons, from Dice Hold'em. The difference is that you don´t take anything other in consideration than how much your dice ads up to rather than what hand your dice forms. A total of 15 formed by your 6 dice are better than your opponent’s total of 12.

After the third and last round of betting the winner will take the pot but there is one exception. If you manage to shoot two threes in the final round you have “shot the moons” and you will win half the pot no matter what.

So this is a really funny and easy game which don´t have as many variables to consider as in texas Hold'em or in dice Hold'em. There is an easy way of calculating your advantage after the final roll but as you can´t see your opponents dice there is still the element of bluffing. So even if this is a game that doesn´t resemble Texas Hold'em poker as much Dice Hold'em poker does, it is still a game of skill and it is pretty fun.

Dice Hold'em has been around for a while and there are quite a few players playing some kind of Dice Hold'em. Many big poker sites offer their players both Dice Hold'em and Shoot the moons and. You don´t have to download any software on most of the sites offering dice games so you can play directly in the web browser. As there aren´t as many players in these types of dice poker games there are of course not as big promotions here to claim as there is in regular Texas Hold'em poker. But there are still some good promotions with some smaller guaranteed tournaments and freerolls.

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