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Rakeback Lovers

Did you know that you may be paying thousands of dollars each month playing online poker?

With our rakeback service you will be able to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month!

For those of you who are not familiar with what rake back is, we recommend you to read at the 'About Rakeback' page.

We can offer you up to 100% rakeback from
your first raked dollar. This is an amazing
rakeback offer and it will give you a plus
in earnings. To read more about our
rakeback offers, we recommend you
to go to the 'Offers' page.

Rakeback Lovers also have its own "Add-on bonus program". We will give you poker bonuses to different poker sites. These poker bonuses will not be deducted from your ordinary rakeback. You can read more about our "Add-on bonus program" at our page "Activate bonus".

As a member of Rakeback Lovers you will also be able to track your rakeback via our raketracker. Our raketracker is updated once a day and you can find it at our memberpage.

We hope you will enjoy our site and earn money by using our rakeback services!

To contact us, send us an e-mail and our friendly support team will then, as soon as possible, answer your question. has closed down. Any offers you might find on this site might have been discontinued. Please check what the poker sites current rakeback payouts are direct with each poker room's customer service.

Why rakeback lovers?
  • Safe and secure
  • Reliable payments
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Exclusive promotions, rake race & bonus programs
  • Daily rakeback statistics
  • Refer a friend program
  • Best rakeback deals
  • Registered within EU in Malta
Site of the month
Poker Client: Poker Stars
Network: Independent
Rakeback: 83%
Sign-up bonus: 100% upp till $600
Special bonus: - - -
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Monthly rake races
Activate bonus

Earn a lot of money by referring new members to Rakeback Lovers. Invite your friends!

Compete in Rakeback Lovers exclusive rake races every month.

Enable a bonus with Rakeback Lovers in addition to your regular rakeback deal.
Top 10 rake - June   Top 10 rake - May   Top 10 rake - April
  # First name Rake  
  1. 1 Stefan € 1990.80  
  2. 2 Markus € 1963.47  
  3. 3 stefan € 1391.68  
  4. 4 Jörgen € 917.39  
  5. 5 Vesa-Matti € 878.80  
  6. 6 robert € 600.61  
  7. 7 Daniel € 557.59  
  8. 8 lars € 494.77  
  9. 9 Alexander € 325.74  
  10. 10 Johannes € 309.34  
  # First name Rake  
  1. 1 Markus € 4133.67  
  2. 2 Vesa-Matti € 2781.05  
  3. 3 Stefan € 2179.80  
  4. 4 Alexander € 1764.51  
  5. 5 Daniel € 1712.39  
  6. 6 stefan € 979.30  
  7. 7 Erik € 914.04  
  8. 8 stefan € 782.82  
  9. 9 joni € 771.15  
  10. 10 Borja € 717.39  
  # First name Rake  
  1. 1 Markus € 3278.72  
  2. 2 Daniel € 3029.60  
  3. 3 Vesa-Matti € 2875.74  
  4. 4 robert € 1733.61  
  5. 5 stefan € 1374.44  
  6. 6 Stefan € 1319.63  
  7. 7 joni € 1096.03  
  8. 8 Mattias € 1089.34  
  9. 9 Rami € 818.81  
  10. 10 Johan € 813.50  
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Short about Rakeback Lovers and Rakeback

What is rake and what is rakeback?

Rake is a fee which is something every poker player pay to the poker room for playing online poker. This fee is taken from each pot which you play when playing online poker. The fee is usually 5% of the total pot, but with a maximum of $3/€3/£3 per pot. Imagine playing 100 pots and each pot on $100, then you have paid $300 in fees!

So what should you do, to get some of this money back?
Sign-up through Rakeback Lovers. We give you a percentage back of the money you pay in rake to the poker room, this is called "rakeback". Our job is to communicate with the poker rooms all over the world to give our members the best online poker rakeback deals available.

Example: If you want to play online poker or video slots at Diamonbet with loyalty reward. You go into Rakeback Lovers website to see what we can offer. You see that we have the best loyalty deal available at Diamondbet ( 30% reward). You click on our offer, then follow our instructions to sign-up for Diamondbet loyalty reward. After you have signed up for the rakeback offer, we will send you a confirmation mail when your deal has been approved. If you rake €100 that month, Rakeback Lovers will pay you €30 to your Diamondbet account. If you rake €1000 that month you will get €300 reward. The rakeback is always paid automatically to your poker account. Imagine how much money you can save each month by playing online poker through us at Rakeback Lovers. Rakeback is something every poker player should have.

How do Rakeback Lovers earn money?
Rakeback Lovers gets a commission from the poker rooms every month. The commission is a percentage of the rake we generate to the poker room. For an example, if we get 35% in commission, we give 30% of the commission to our online poker players which is the rakeback and we keep 5%.

The higher rake we generate at a poker room, the higher commission we get and then we can give a higher rakeback to our poker players. So tell all your friends about Rakeback Lovers, so you can get a higher rakeback deal.

Why should you trust Rakeback Lovers?
Rakeback Lovers has been in the business since 2006. We have over 50 000 online poker players playing with our rakeback deals. We are a registered company in Malta. We have a 24/7 customer support. For our extra bonuses we offer Neteller and Bank wires as payment solutions. Rakeback Lovers is safe, secure, trustworthy and we always have reliable payouts.

Which companies does Rakeback Lovers work with?
Rakeback Lovers only work with trustworthy partners. We have daily contact with all the online poker rooms we offer rakeback to. If we notice that a poker room is bad in any way we will contact them and if they don´t change, we will stop working with them. has closed down. Any offers you might find on this site might have been discontinued. Please check what the poker sites current rakeback payouts are direct with each poker room's customer service.

Rakeback Offers
logo.pokerstars-rakeback.thumb 83%
logo.partypoker-rakeback.thumb 50%
logo.fulltiltpoker.thumb 65%
logo.888-poker-rakeback.thumb 36%
logo.betsafe-microgaming.thumb 30%
logo.unibet.thumb 30%
logo.nordicbet.thumb 30%
logo.24hpoker-bonus-code.thumb 30%
logo.comeon.thumb 36%
logo.cakepoker.thumb 36%
US 36%
logo.pkr.thumb 30%
logo.paynorake.thumb 50% - 100%
logo.redbet.thumb 30% / ~40%
logo.nopropoker-rakeback.thumb Contact us
Loyalty Offers
logo.bodog.thumb VIP
logo.everestpoker-rakeback.thumb VIP
logo.betsson.thumb 40%
logo.betsafe.thumb 40%
logo.betfair.thumb 40%
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